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Re: [IP] Clocks

> ><< about being in Africa and the pump breaks, if your one MiniMed breaks
> >you're
> > proverbially "SCREWED" >>
> I think they do have phones in Africa and FedEx delivers virtually
> anywhere. If you are totally lost in the Sahara desert, then you might have
> a real problem, but how likely is that for most of us. In the real world,
> most of us stay at hotels and they have phones and deliveries. I don't see
> a problem. If you are still concerned, call MiniMed and ask them what they
> would do if you were in Nairobi.


I guess this is personal thing - we all have our own requirements and
expectations of ourselves. I travel quite a lot, often to tight
schedules and under a lot of pressure. If my Minimed pump got lost,
smashed, or stopped working for whatever reason, it would be a severe
inconvenience to go back to the hit-and-miss of MDI, whilst waiting for
FedEx to deliver a replacement pump. It's precisely when I'm away from
home, and under stress, that I need the tight control that the pump
allows. And if my travel is a day here and a day there, how do I
coordinate where FedEx deliver it?

I would be much happier knowing I had a spare pump right there in my
case, waiting to be used...

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