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Re: [IP] Pump convenience

> >My doctor did advise me to always carry a bottle of Humalog and a syringe
> >with me.  
> Unless I'm going a great distance from home, I never carry an extra bottle
> of H with me. I'd be concerned about it being in the heat during the warmer
> months and it's just one more thing to carry around. I often check the

Just for safety, I keep a 1.5ml pen cartridge of insulin and a tiny 30
unit BD syringe tucked deep inside my wallet, separate from my blood
testing kit. That way I always know it's with me in an emergency, and
the cartridge is so much smaller than a bottle. Pen cartridges aren't
officially designed for use with a syringe, but it's perfectly adequate
in tight corner. 

For this backup supply, I use Regular/Actrapid rather than Humalog
(which I normally use). You don't have to give top-up injections of
Regular as often as you would with Humalog, which wears off faster. And
I replace the cartridge every 6 months, just in case the insulin has
gone off.

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