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[IP] Backup pumps

><< about being in Africa and the pump breaks, if your one MiniMed breaks
> proverbially "SCREWED" >>

>>I think they do have phones in Africa and FedEx delivers virtually
>>anywhere. If you are totally lost in the Sahara desert, then you might have
>>a real problem, but how likely is that for most of us. In the real world,
>>most of us stay at hotels and they have phones and deliveries. I don't see
>>a problem. If you are still concerned, call MiniMed and ask them what they
>>would do if you were in Nairobi.

I live in Minnesota and vacation in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area almost
every summer, which is a federally protected area that is cut off to motorized
vehicles, boats, aircraft, etc. I suppose in a dire medical emergency a plane
would be allowed to fly in, but I doubt they would deem a pump replacement as
a life or death matter. On top of that, communication is on the slow side in
the BWCA, with no phones available anywhere.

If I were to get caught up in some rough water on the first day of a week long
trip and my canoe were to tip over, a MiniMed pump would probably be destroyed
by being submerged in water when I went overboard. With the Disetronic, it
would continue pumping problem free. If it were to stop functioning for same
reason, I would have a backup with me, so there would be no problem.

Until I see canoes with the FedEx logo on them and a cell phone tower in the
middle of this protected area, I think the Disetronic will be the better pump
choice for me.

Hopefully I'll be pumping within a few weeks....

Matt Braun
Type 1 since 1993
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/