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[IP] I love my MiniMed 507C

It seems that the ol' 507C has been getting a good ration of "bad press"
here on the list, so I thought I would add a positive note for those of you
who are trying to decide on pumps.

I started on the 507C in July of '98 and haven't had any problems.  I use
the Sofsets with the quick release, so I take it off to shower, go swimming,
etc. -- very convenient.  I also use the square wave and dual wave bolus
features a good bit -- long meals, high-fat meals (chinese, mexican, pizza)
and rarely have a problem.  My last HbA1c was a 6.3 and my blood sugars have
been averaging around 100-110 -- of course, a few highs and a few lows in
there, but nobody's perfect.

I would NEVER go back to shots (4+ a day before pump) unless it was
absolutely necessary.  The pump has definitely given me a more normal, or at
least flexible, quality of life.  In regards to customer service, I think it
must depend on where you live -- my doc has been very involved with research
with MiniMed, so when I started on the pump, I had both the hospital pump
educator as well as a MiniMed rep there to do my training.  I've called the
800# a few times and usually am told to leave my name and number and someone
would call me back -- and they always have within a fifteen minute time

Just my .02 -- I realize YMMV with this though.

Best Regards,
Andry Kennedy

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