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[IP] Diabetic - 2, Insurance Company - 0

Well, just wanted to report that I have cleared up things with my insurance
company, and once again, they are covering all of my supplies (with the
required co-pays of course)!

Actually, the mishap was a bit of my employer's fault -- while the state of
GA passed Senate bill 55, unless your employer "renegotiated" this law into
your contract, the insurance company didn't necessarily have to cover
diabetic supplies.  So, after a day of very regular phone calls to my HR
person, it has been added and taken care of.  I have found it certainly
"pays to be persistent" when it comes to problems like this.

Thanks to all for your help and advice!

Best Regards,
Andry Kennedy
Type 1 - 25 years
MiniMed 507c - July '98

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