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Re: [IP] Showering with no QR

> You should have received some clamps with your infusion sets - they will
> crimp the wire so you can't push the plunger on the syringe. Also, when you
> take the syring out of the pump, just lift the smaller lever, the one
> closer to the top of the syringe.  as the plunger won't move, you can just
> put it back into the pump and be assured the lever hasn't moved.  Hope this
> helps.

The clamps are unreliable and do not work MOST OF THE TIME. How do I know 
this. I have tested the alarm function of the pump by "attempting" to 
clamp off the line and then bolusing 5+ units. Usually, the line leaks 
and the alarm fails to go off. The 1 or 2 times I actually got this to 
work, the line was crimped so badly that it was 'ripe' for an occlusion.

I don't recommend this method, needless to say.

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