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Re: [IP] Pump convenience

At 01:29 PM 2/10/1999  Jennifer Gardner wrote:
<big snips>
>My doctor did advise me to always carry a bottle of Humalog and a syringe
>with me.  

Unless I'm going a great distance from home, I never carry an extra bottle
of H with me. I'd be concerned about it being in the heat during the warmer
months and it's just one more thing to carry around. I often check the
amount of insulin in my reservoir... so the odds of running out while I'm
away are slim. But, most of the time I'm within 30-60 minutes of home...
there's more than enough time to get back and fix anything that was
necessary before problems set in.

When I travel, however, I have the travel case from MiniMed (really nice).
In this situation, I carry everything... even a bottle of Regular and
needles, just in case I need to go back to injections in an emergency. 


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