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Re: [IP] Humalog resistance?

Jack Granowski wrote:
> Natalie, how is your bg's on a fast for the same hours?  It sounds as if
> your bolus is too low and your basal is too high.  What happens if you
> don't eat during the same time?  Do your bg's drop by quite a bit, stay
> level or climb?  I have also found that my grams/unit is different
> during different times of the day.  I began (1993) at 16 grams/unit and
> dropped to 8/u.  Now I am at 12g/u for breakfast and 6g/u for lunch and
> 8g/u for night.  My doctor wants the 2 hour at 150 and 4 hours at 100
> which is supposed to be more like a 'normal' person.  I had always been
> striving for 100 all the time, which was very difficult.

Slightly different problem: I'm not pumping yet, and I'm not taking a
basal. And I'm not a Type 1; I'm a Type Weird. Which means that I have
some of my own insulin complicating matters! :) I take Humalog for each

If I don't eat in the morning, my BGs usually stay pretty steady,
wherever they were when I woke up,  until about 10 AM, then they crash.
If I eat  breakfast but not lunch, my BGs will be high after breakfast,
but normal at lunchtime. After a while,they start rising, though, and if
I eat lunch but not dinner, they hang pretty steady (but too high) for
about 6 hours after lunch, and then gradually come down until midnight,
and then rise again until 11 AM.  

So what that tells me is that I will need my highest basal for midnight
to morning, and very low from about 9 AM to about 2 PM, and then a bit
higher from 2 PM till midnight. Or something like that. 

I have yet to find out what my doc will do about basals -- but one of
the problems I'm hoping to solve with the pump is how not to be 260 2
hours after breakfast, and 75 2 hours after that.  

 > One thing I know for sure, I will be doing different things next
> munch, year, decade, etc. as my response is constantly changing and I
> must constantly be fine tuning everything for the best possible results.

Well, just judging from the past 6 years, I imagine my insulin
production will continue to gradually decline, but I may never lose it
completely, or at least I hope not! But I think you're right -- I will
probably have to do different things, too! (I've already been through
the whole diet and exercise -> sulfonylurea ordeal -- never spent such a
miserable year in my life!)

I'm really encouraged about the pump because I think it will allow me to
fine-tune a WHOLE lot better than I have been!

I'll let you know how it comes out -- first appt. is on March 3, and I
expect to be formally hooked up March 17 (seems like forever I've been


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