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Re: [IP] Pump convenience

Hi Gwenn!

I have only been using an insulin pump for a short time, will be 1 month in a
couple of days.  :o)

i really REALLY love using it!  

I can't say that it's "not as convenient".  After all, what's so convenient
about lugging around sterile insulin syringes, alcohol swabs, insulin bottles,
(and then trying to dispose of them out in public as well as at home)?  Also,
how often have you HAD to eat even when you didn't feel like it because of an
injection you took hours befoe (or maybe up to 36 hours before)?  I was
formerly using Humalog 4x daily and Ultralente 2x daily.   I found myself many
many times eating to try to balance out those earlier shots so I could avoid
severe insulin reactions.  PLUS, I could no longer feel them coming on until I
would  momemtarily black out over and over.  I would get to this point when I
was around 29-30mmol/bg.

I don't know how many times I was away from home, either locally at a friend's
home, or on vacation and would have liked to stay longer than planned but
couldn't because I didn't have any, enough or all my supplies with me.

None of the above are problems for me any more.  I have even noticed that I'm
becoming more aware of low BG much sooner thant I used to (felt low couple of
days ago--it was 73).  So, I didn't have to black out first!  I don't miss

This is not to say that pumping is completely care free.  I must now know
(guessimate, as my 4 year old grandson calls it!) how many carbohydrates I'm
consuming so that I'm taking the proper amount of bolus amount.  After the
initial training and testings, you will also know what basal rates are good
for you.  The rates will probably need to be readjusted during stress, extra
activity, menstruation, illness, etc.  You will also have to learn how to
insert the infusion set properly.  Before pumping, I had to readjust insulin
injections and/or food intake for all these times.  Now, it's just the push of
a button on a little beeper-like devi e.    And, if I  don't feel like eating
(ill or on diet), I don't have to because I'm not going to shock out any more.
I'll take that any day over what I used to go through! 

All this was COMPLETELY new to me, but after about 2 1/2 weeks I was feeling
like a "pro".  You have lots of instant support and advise from all of us
here, too.

Give yourself a breather---it will all come to you in time!  And I'm sure
you're gonna love it, too!

Linda Winey  >^.,.^<
Type 1 since 1950
injections 49 years, pumping almost 1 month & preferring it!  :o)  

 In a message dated 2/8/1999 3:39:00 PM Central Standard Time,
 email @ redacted writes:
 <<   The pump is not as convenient as injections, I have to plan even more,
 but my blood sugars are much improved, and have better control. >>
   I thought just the opposite--that the pump would
 be so much more convenient.  I am really looking forward to eating or
 something low carb without the worry of going high.
 Got a call from MM yesterday concerning my insurance.  I wish some miracle
 would happen and it would get here soon.  
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