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[IP] Fw: Y2K Letter

-----Original Message-----
From: Candice Mac Culloch <email @ redacted>
To: 'Albert Barber' <email @ redacted>
Date: Wednesday, February 10, 1999 11:12 AM
Subject: Y2K Letter

>February 10, 1999
>RE: Medical Devices and the Year 2000 Compliance
>Dear  Mr. Barber:
>This letter is provided regarding the impact of the "Year 2000 Problem" on
>products provided by MiniMed Inc.   MiniMed recognizes that the so called
>"Year 2000 Problem",  could have adverse effects on the operation of
>computer controlled devices.  As  MiniMed's first and greatest concern is
>to our customer, all external and implantable infusion devices manufactured
>and distributed by MiniMed have been evaluated. The Model 507C and MiniMed
>MIP-2001 implantable infusion systems do utilize the actual date and have
>been designed to recognize the year 2000 correctly.  MiniMed external
>prior to the introduction of the  Model 507C, utilize only the day of the
>week information for recording event history and programming for insulin
>MiniMedY2K Policies and Plan of Actions:
>MiniMed's  investigation has indicated that the "Year 2000 Computer
>will not pose operating problems for MiniMed's current line of products.
>Continuing assessments, planning, and corrective actions, are constantly
>being conducted by a multi-disciplinary committee along with the aid of
>outside auditors.
>* The committee indicated above consists of the following disciplines:
> Information Technology, Quality Assurance, CFO, General Counsel,
>Research, Development and  Engineering, Engineering,  Facilities,
>Affairs,  Materials and Operations
>* MiniMed believes that the devices listed below are compliant with
>the Y2K requirements.
> Name/Catalog
> Number Device Description Date
> MMT-404SP MiniMed Inc. Insulin Infusion Pump
>Day only
> MMT-504 MiniMed Inc. Insulin Infusion Pump Day
> MMT-506 MiniMed Inc. Insulin Infusion Pump Day
> MMT 507 MiniMed Inc. Insulin Infusion Pump Day
> MIP-2001 MiniMed Inc. Implantable Infusion Pump
>System Day-month-year *
> MMT-507C MiniMed Inc. Insulin Infusion Pump
>Day-month-year *
> * (The year is software dependent. The
>day and  month are clock dependent)
>If you have any questions concerning the information presented in this
>response or if you have a product that is not mentioned,  please contact:
> Donald Wessenauer
> Director, Information Technology and
>Committee Chairman
> MiniMed Inc.
> 12744 San Fernando  Road
> Sylmar CA  91342
> (818) 362-5958  extension   2818
>Sincerely yours,
>Donald Wessenauer
>Director, Information Technology and Committee Chairman

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