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Re: [IP] Pump convenience

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999 11:47:01 -0800, Sam Skopp wrote:

>However, unless you are using an extremely large >dose, you really only
need to be concerned about >the amount of insulin in your pump every 3-4
>days. And, if you are getting low, change it the >early evening the day
before it runs out. I can >tell just by looking at the reservoir whether I
>have enough to last the day. The nice thing is >that while your reservoir
is full, you don't need >to carry a whole pack of supplies with you all
>day. A small BG meter is all you need.

I've only worn my pump for a week or so, but the Minimed rep I worked with
at my doctor's added up my 3 day allowance for insulin and added 25 units to
it.  I also change out my reservoir the evening before it runs out---not
close to bedtime, though in case there is a problem with the site.

My doctor did advise me to always carry a bottle of Humalog and a syringe
with me.  


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