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Re: [IP] Glucagon Question

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999 12:22:39 -0700, Fran Baumgartner wrote:

> Jennifer,
> Even when I lived alone, I had one in my purse, in the car, and in my desk
> work.  I find someone I can trust and who is not afraid to administer it
> show them where it is.  I like to be prepared.  I always tell the
> if it's too much call 911.  In 36 years of diabetes someone has had to use
> shot on me three times.  Just what I do.
> Fran


Thanks for your input.  I also like to be prepared.  I have never carried
Glucagon and (thank goodness!) I have never needed it.  But I'd rather have
it available if I do need it.


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