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Re: [IP] Minimed 507C

At 11:57 PM 2/8/1999  Linda Gubler wrote:
>It's 1:00 am and I'm not very happy with my daughter's minimed pump!  She
>got a low battery alarm and when I went to change the batteries, the back
>was off the battery case.  All that was holding the batteries in was a tiny
>piece of metal.  The technician tells me that I will have a replacement
>case tomorrow and in the mean time, it's being held in with electricians
>tape!!!  I told the tech that I wasn't impressed with the battery case
>breaking without cause...can't figure out what's happened. Kim always
>carries her pump in a clip-in from Unique.  I was told that the case is
>made out of the same material as the pump!  YIPPEE!!!  Scares me to death! 
>What's going to break next?  With more children going on pumps, I certainly
>hope that MM will look at the integrity of the $5000 piece of equipment we
>depend on! This pump is only 6 months old!  We had a lead screw break 6 wks
>after she got the pump.  I'm afraid that the only thing that will be hold
>this poor pump together in 5 years when the warranty is out will be duct
>tape and chewing gum!!!  Just had to vent.

I think you've just had a string of bad luck. I've had my MM507 for 8
months and it's never even hiccupped once. Are they going to send you a
whole new machine? 


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