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[IP] Showering with no QR

>I use the sofset without the QR.  When I take a shower. I take the
>reservior out of the pump and hang the tubing attached to the syringe
>around my neck and shower.  

This is potentially dangerous.  With the plunger free from the pump, it is
possible to bump it and give yourself a massive overdose of insulin.  Plus,
as CJ said, the MM pump arms would need to be "reseated" against the base
of the plunger.  For me, this often amounts to about 2 or 3 units.  So,
when you put the reservoir back in the pump, you may not be getting any
insulin for quite some time.  It would be better to put the pump in a
plastic ziploc bag while you are in the shower, and figure out some way to
hang it around your neck.

Mary Jean

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