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RE: [IP] My Gender!

How sexist of you John.....

I am male!



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> > > Ah yes, but he didn't say...
> CJ,
> Are you she or he? You describe yourself as a Registered Nurse, so
> statistically you're more likely to be she, but I can't be certain... or
> do you wish to retain internet neutrality?
> > > ...that you should bubble the air through the
> > > solution. It's very simple, put the needle into the bottle when it's
> > > standing upright, as on a table. Push the air in the air space at the
> > > top, then flip the whole thing over and draw out your insulin.
> >
> > Thanks Ted,
> >
> > I should remember to be explicit on instructions.
> Some of us are top-fillers, and some bottom-fillers so-to-speak... but
> the surface area between the gas and fluid is still sufficient, however
> you do it, to allow pressurised air to dissolve in the insulin even if
> you top-fill and turn the bottle over (which provides an even greater
> surface area in the process). If it's a full bottle, and a full
> cartridge, you might end up with the air in there at 6 times atmospheric
> pressure... And as the air from the dead space in the syringe passes
> through the incoming insulin, that partly dissolves as well.
> If bubbles are a problem, and you think it through logically, it still
> makes sense to NOT pressurise the air in the bottle before you withdraw
> the insulin. In fact, it makes sense to keep the whole bottle
> permanently at negative pressure.
> But Wayne will no doubt come up some calculations to demonstate that the
> whole thing is insignificant...
> John
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