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[IP] Carb to Ins ratio before pump?

I hope this isn't a silly question - but here goes:  I will be seeing
an endo on March 16 about getting "wired".  I currently take 27U of
NPH in the a.m. and 10U of NPH in the p.m.  I occassionaly take
Humalog when necessary, i.e. bs over 200, on a sliding scale.  I
checked out the Carb to Insulin ratio using the 450 Rule and obviously
Regular insulin is the insulin to use to calculate.  My question
finally, is, since I am not "regularly" on Regular insulin now, is
there a way for me to figure out, before I go to the endo, just what
my starting ratio should be or am I just being over-anxious and need
to wait?  I haven't purchased "Pumping Insulin" because I believe I've
read here that it comes with the pump??  Thanks in advance.


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