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[IP] Carbohydrates - high fat food?

I've been on the MiniMed 507C pump for about a week and a half now.  I was
wanting to hear from those who had a bit more experience bolusing
themselves.  I take 1 Unit per 15 grams of carbs.  Of course, sometimes I
have to just take a guess at the number of grams on my plate.  I tend to be
on the conservative side when dosing myself as I live alone and want to
avoid hypoglycemic episodes if at all possible.  Lots of times I will bolus
half my calculated dose before the meal and half afterward.  

However, with higher fat foods sometimes the calculated dosage is fine and
sometimes the Humalog kicks in before the carbs show up....other times my bg
goes up quite a bit and I have to keep dosing myself to get it back down. 

Is there a good rule of thumb to use or is it just all trial and error?



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