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Re:: [IP] Humalog resistance?

Lisa Olson <email @ redacted> wrote: 
Has anyone else had a problem with humalog getting slower?  I've been =
using H for over a year and in the pump since 10/98.  It has been a =
great development in D care, but lately I find that my post meal bg's =
are much higher than I want them (i.e. 235 1 hour after).  I bolused a =
few times thinking I had miscalculated my meal bolus, but then 2 hours =
after eating, I crashed big time (i.e. 50).  I have started taking my =
bolus 15-20 minutes ahead of when I eat which seems to have helped, but =
if I decide to change what I plan to eat, it is already in there, and =
that was the reason I got the pump in the first place!  I am considering =
mixing Humalog, but Velosilun doesn't work any faster and I don't know =
that this will help the problem.  Any suggestions?
I used Humalog for about one year.  Two weeks ago I was experiencing unexplained dizziness and vertigo.  In an effort to rule out possibilities, I switched back to Velosolin.  The dizziness went away (but that might have been a coincidence; I'm not convinced it was the Humalog).  But, I'm finding my blood sugars are more steady now, and the response rate doesn't seem much different from what I had on the Humalog.  It may not start working quite as fast, but it seems tob e more predictable, and quit working at about the same time.  So, I take half my planned bolus half an hour before a meal.  This way, if I eat less that anticipated, I don't have a problem.  Right now, I'm thinking I may not go back to the Humalog.