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Re: [IP] chinese

Well John, I may be imaginative, but at least as a scientist I prefer the
adjective  honest in front of imaginative :-)
	I've seen too many good people led astray by their beliefs, wishful
thinking, or even their imagination.  From what I've read, Bernstein seems
to be driven by forces somewhat out of control. Such people , physicians
especially, don't even need data and facts to get in the way.  REmember
he's also the guy that thinks pumps are useless for treating diabetes.
Much more effective, so he says, to starve yourself.  Maybe there's some
value in starvation, but it surely can't be too much fun.  No chinese food
for him!

> Bernstein has had some pretty good ideas but not all of what he says is
> based on physiological measurements.  Indeed, I wonder how he tested the
> effect of eating sawdust on glucagon release.

Let's face it Wayne - you're just an imaginative scientist! ;-) Don't
let the facts get in the way of a good theory...

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