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Re: [IP] Cost of Pumps

On 10 Feb 99 at 7:47, email @ redacted wrote:

> Well, apparently some rip offs are even greater that others.  I have not seen
> the bill from the place where I bought the pump, but the insurance Explanation
> of Benefits (EOB) said the submitted charge was $9,000 and the allowable
> amount was $8525 for a negotiated savings of $475.  My insurance is is Blue
> Cross Blue Shield regular, federal , through my husband who is a federal
> retiree. I was initially told the pump cost about $5,000, so it looks like I
> have some phone calls to make.

Depending on exactly where the pump was purchased you'll get all kinds of price 
variations.  Some of the suppliers take the regular MiniMed or Disetronic price 
and double or triple it so they can "negotiate" a "savings" to the insurance 
company by cutting it back to only slightly higher than the real purchase 
price...  They pull the same thing on supplies too.  If you look at the MiniMed 
web site the cost for infusion sets (QR) is $10 each ($120 for a box of 10)  
If you check out some of the third party suppliers you'll see prices varying 
from $12 to $30 each...  which leaves MiniMed is the lowest cost supplier...  

Some of these companies build in "training" costs that are essentially extra 
money for little service.  Others nickel and dime you with charges for "filing 
fees" or "handling charges"...  

Randall P. Winchester
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