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[IP] What Insurance Companies are Looking for

Medicare doesn't specifically cover, or not cover, any particular brand
or style of test strips, meter, etc.  They set their maximum allowable
amount that they'll pay.  Then it's often a supplier's choice which
brands or styles they can afford to provide, given the amount they'll be
paid.  I can guarantee that it wasn't *Medicare* that forced her to
switch styles of meters; it was someone else, responding to Medicare's
cuts in reimbursements (an indirect cause).

I manage a medical equipment company, and face this decision on a daily
basis, not only regarding diabetic supplies.  As Medicare continues to
cut, the decisions become harder and harder.  However, as a consumer,
you should know that you always have the choice of the style of meter
you use.  If your supplier won't accept assignment from Medicare, it is
still mandatory that they file the claim with Medicare non-assigned, and
there are penalties for failing to file the claim.  You'll have to pay
up-front for the supplies, and Medicare will reimburse you directly
(eventually), but not necessarily for the full amount that you paid.  

As always, it pays to know your coverage details and your rights!

Phil DuBois
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/