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Re: [IP] Humalog resistance?

> From: "Natalie A. Sera" <email @ redacted>

> I also find it VERY hard to keep my 2 hour postprandial BGs below 200 --
> and yet, they're usually back to normal in 4 hours if I took the right
> amount of insulin.
> I've been told by many people that the transitory nature of the high
> (doesn't last more than 2 or 3 hours) won't hurt me (except that I FEEL
> crummy with a dry mouth and cotton-headed for about an hour!), but I
> wonder if it has ever been proven one way or the other.
> For me, with Humalog, I can't move the injection (will be bolus in
> March!!) any farther ahead, because I start to crash within 10 - 15
> minutes.
> So is the higher-than-normal peak just part of having DM, and should we
> even be THINKING about it??????

Natalie, how is your bg's on a fast for the same hours?  It sounds as if
your bolus is too low and your basal is too high.  What happens if you
don't eat during the same time?  Do your bg's drop by quite a bit, stay
level or climb?  I have also found that my grams/unit is different
during different times of the day.  I began (1993) at 16 grams/unit and
dropped to 8/u.  Now I am at 12g/u for breakfast and 6g/u for lunch and
8g/u for night.  My doctor wants the 2 hour at 150 and 4 hours at 100
which is supposed to be more like a 'normal' person.  I had always been
striving for 100 all the time, which was very difficult.

One thing I know for sure, I will be doing different things next week,
munch, year, decade, etc. as my response is constantly changing and I
must constantly be fine tuning everything for the best possible results.

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
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