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[IP] Glucagon -- fire department

I think that this is the norm for even medium sized cites.  Fire
departments are first responders.  While a station will have one or two
trained paramedics, they are likely to have two tankers too.  If there
is already another call, and paramedics are not available, any of the
trained first responders (i.e. all staff) will handle a reaction.  It
may not be the most preferred response, but alive is the intended result
-- and they can achieve that.  I've found that my reactions that I
cannot handle myself can normally be avoided by simply acknowledging
facts when I'm in a swing, and increasing the number of bgs.  That
translates to 12 a day sometimes, but those extra 4 tests cost me $2,
vs.$50 for an ED visit (relatively cheap because of fairly good
insurance).  I also have fewer reasons to vent.  The anger that I used
to direct toward "inappropriate" response to a reaction by emergency
personnel was actually my own frustration from the incident.
Take care,

Glenda, I think your husband's reactions will be much tamer on the
pump.  I
hope so.  Your question about 911 was interesting.  Where I live, when
call 911, they ask about your situation and, if it is a medical
they send the paramedics.  You should call in your area and ask about
fastest way to get medical help.  It really doesn't make sense to me
that they
would send the fire dept.  Could it have been a mistake?  ellen

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