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RE: [IP] Getting a MiniMed pump

One of the problems with removing a reservoir from a MiniMed pump is that
you need to be sure that the driver hammer is tight against the syringe
plunger.  Otherwise, you may not receive some insulin as the lead screw will
turn but the driver hammer will not push the plunger until it is tight
against the plunger base.


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> Just curious... I was shown some of the
> > "shower allower" bags that some people use with the non QR sets
> and I don't
> > have any idea what I'd do with the pump if I didn't disconnect
> it and lay it on
> > the counter....
> I use the sofset without the QR.  When I take a shower. I take the
> reservior out of the pump and hang the tubing attached to the syringe
> around my neck and shower.  I'm used to it now and it is no big deal.  I
> make sure before I put the reservior back into the pump, it is dried
> off, which only takes a dab or so of something dry.
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