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[IP] Insulin seems to stop working in abdomen

Hi all,

I've noticed a problem that I can't quite figure out and wondered if anyone
else has experienced it.  Here's the scenario...

If I sit at my computer for an extended period after taking an abdominal
bolus (pump or injection), the insulin seems to have no effect on my BG.  It
almost seems like it doesn't work at all.  I first noticed this back when I
was on regular injections.  If I gave myself a meal-time abdominal
injection, ate, and then sat down for 1-2 hours at the PC, my BG would shoot
high.  By the same token, if my BG was high for some reason and I decided to
take an abdominal injection to bring it back in line (and I was at the PC
while the Humalog should have been working it's magic), I would show very
little effect on my BG the next time I would check it.

I always thought this was abit odd, but thought perhaps when I went on the
pump this would never occur again.  WRONG!  Tonight's adventure went like

1.  BG's great all day
2.  Pre-dinner BG was 91
3.  Bolus and eat dinner
4.  2 hours PC play time
5.  2 hours after dinner BG was 403
6.  Bolus extra 10 units Humalog
7.  1 hour later BG was 535
8.  Manual injection
9.  Change infusion set

This is really the first time I have sat down right after dinner (or any
other meal) and played on the PC since I have gotten the pump (about 1 1/2
weeks now).
After talking to my doc a few minutes ago, he said I may be compressing a
part of the abdomen and starving off the effects of the Humalog.  I'm not
overly heavy (6'1 and 200lbs) but of course I do have that little stomach
roll O:)

Anyway, has anyone else ever had this problem?  If so, any suggestions on
how to get around it?  Being on the pump only 1 week, I'm not quite yet into
doing much site experimentation.. so I have NOT yet tried any alternative

Hope I gave enough information and thanks in advance for any help!

Bob  <]:o)

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