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[IP] Airports

Many thanks to all of you!
Apparently we've had varied experiences with this issue. Mine is a
Minimed and the lady at the Memphis airport last year looked at it and
said "can't you take it off?" when I set the alarm off. The hand held
scanner search held up my family for several minutes. I am traveling
with a group of 50 or so via Memphis, Atlanta, and Sao Paulo, Brazil to
Campo Grande for a mission trip and do not want to hold up my group for
any length of time, should this occur again. I was kinda worried about
removing it and putting it in the "basket" or in my carry on, I wouldn't
want it to get stolen. Does anyone have insurance on their pump for
loss, breakage, etc? My State Farm agent tells me it would cost $250/yr.
for this type coverage.
Thanks for your help,
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