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[IP] exercise and basals

i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what's going on with my
sugars in the mornings ... usually i get up around 5:45 with a sugar
100-150. then i usually suspend my pump and by 6:10 i leave to walk to my
morning aikido class. at 6:10 my sugar has usually dropped 10-20 points,
and so i have to eat something, like a graham cracker or two glucose tabs.
around 6:30 my sugar is usually the same as it was at 6:10; i usually eat
another glucose tab or two and then have class from 6:30-7:30. after class
i can vary from 60-150 depending on how rigorous it was; i'm usually
75-90.  then i go to breakfast, around 8. by 9:30 my sugar is almost
invariably 250 or so ... however lately i've not been eating very healthy
breakfasts. anyone know what's going on here? i'm mainly concerned about
why my sugar falls after i get up, and after my pump is suspended.
tomorrow i'm going to skip aikido and do a basal rate check from 3 am till
noon or so, so i'll let you all know what the sugars do! thanks in advance


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