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RE: [IP] Getting a MiniMed pump


I am in the Massachusetts / Rhode Island are and for me the Customer service
at the Corporate Level with MiniMed sucked and my rep is the same, can never
be gotten a hold of.

I wonder about this as maybe MiniMed is making the areas these people serve
to wide and large.

As for Disetronic, I get rapid service at the corporate level, usually
within 24 hrs and my rep returns all phone calls by the next morning.
Thanks Campbell!!

just another opinion.

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> > But in still boils down to support from the vendor...  In this
> area the D rep
> > cannot be found while the MiniMed rep is very easy to contact.
> This must be your experience with D.  Mine has been just the opposite.
> > Then there are other
> > factors to consider, such as the alleged waterproof "feature"
> of the D pump,
> > which one doctor may like, to the backlight and square wave on
> the MM507 which
> > another doctor may like...
> The features are for us to choose, not the doctor.  For me the
> "alleged" waterproof
> has been a wonderful feature.
> I had to defend D, for they have been wonderful with me and I
> love my pump and I
> love be able to take it into the shower, bath, etc..  That's what
> makes me happy.
> Again, though it was my choice not the doctors, nor the company.
> I agree customer
> service has been great for me and the minute it goes by the way
> side, I'll probably
> be the first to complain.  But, I stand firm that it's up to us
> the patient to make
> that choice by being encouraged to contact both companies,
> because one of those
> features may make them the happiest.  It's these small things
> that are really nice.
> Fran
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