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Re: [IP] Getting a MiniMed pump

> But in still boils down to support from the vendor...  In this area the D rep
> cannot be found while the MiniMed rep is very easy to contact.

This must be your experience with D.  Mine has been just the opposite.

> Then there are other
> factors to consider, such as the alleged waterproof "feature" of the D pump,
> which one doctor may like, to the backlight and square wave on the MM507 which
> another doctor may like...

The features are for us to choose, not the doctor.  For me the "alleged" waterproof
has been a wonderful feature.

I had to defend D, for they have been wonderful with me and I love my pump and I
love be able to take it into the shower, bath, etc..  That's what makes me happy.
Again, though it was my choice not the doctors, nor the company.  I agree customer
service has been great for me and the minute it goes by the way side, I'll probably
be the first to complain.  But, I stand firm that it's up to us the patient to make
that choice by being encouraged to contact both companies, because one of those
features may make them the happiest.  It's these small things that are really nice.


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