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Re: [IP] air bubbles

John Neale wrote:
> CJ, Surely pressurising the insulin, with the pressurised air bubbling
> through the solution, would actually dissolve more air into the
> solution... 

Ah yes, but he didn't say that you should bubble the air through the 
solution. It's very simple, put the needle into the bottle when it's 
standing upright, as on a table. Push the air in the air space at the 
top, then flip the whole thing over and draw out your insulin. I never
thought of it till I saw a TV show one November on cable, when they were
having the annual "Diabetes Month" shindig. Never did it before then, 
always since.

> I'm also curious to know how people force 3ml of air into a brand new
> full insulin bottle that has perhaps only 0.5ml of free space. That
> would certainly force air into solution.

See above.
Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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