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Re: [IP] Cost of Pump

On  9 Feb 99 at 11:56, Sam Skopp wrote:

> Yeah, but it will be clad in armor plating (can withstand a mortar shell
> blast within 1 yard of the pump) and have 5 back-up sets of batteries
> installed along with a 2 reserve insulin reservoirs and a GPF satellite
> sensor to keep your present location monitored at all times. It'll also be
> available in olive drab with camouflage painting. Did I mention that it would
> weigh about 25 pounds and require a special backpack to carry it, plus an
> antenna?

You forgot the -G version with an integral 4kw diesel genset, or the -P version 
with the mounting point for the parachute delivery system... and I'm surprised 
that you didn't mention the -O version which comes complete with an attached 

Randall P. Winchester
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