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Re: [IP] Getting a MiniMed pump

On  9 Feb 99 at 15:12, email @ redacted wrote:

> <<The key thing to remember is to get a pump that you are comfortable with,
> that your doctor is familiar with and that has good support in your area... 
> in some places that means one pump, in others it means the other pump...>>
> It does not matter if the doctor is familiar with one pump and not the
> basal and they both bolus, the only difference is which buttons you push on
> which model. So he should treat you the same no matter which pump. Don't ever
> let him say I am unfamiliar with that pump... because both companies have
> field reps that will come to town and teach you AND YOUR DOCTOR all about the
> pump and it's operation ... usually for free. Scooter

But in still boils down to support from the vendor...  In this area the D rep 
cannot be found while the MiniMed rep is very easy to contact.  The doctor 
needs to be able to talk to the rep too, and if they aren't available or 
won't talk to you then you are both shortchanged...  Then there are other 
factors to consider, such as the alleged waterproof "feature" of the D pump, 
which one doctor may like, to the backlight and square wave on the MM507 which 
another doctor may like...  

I still stand by my statements - user comfort, doctor support and vendor 
support are the key things.   The benefits of the pump are the same, 
independent of which one you are using.  We are all Borg...

Randall P. Winchester
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