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Re: [IP] Airports!

On  9 Feb 99 at 9:38, Charles Lipe wrote:

> Hi, all you frequent flyers out there!
> The only time I've been through airport security with my pump, it set
> off the metal detector and delayed me getting through. I'm planning to
> travel with a group this month and do not want to have this problem. Any
> suggestions? (Other than taking it off to go through security?)
> Thanks, 
> Melinda

I've had the pump set off detectors in Chicago, Detriot, Nashville and 
Philadelphia.  It varies from trip to trip - one time through it won't set off 
and the next time it will.  I've discovered that it's best not to say anything 
unless it does set off the detector.  Usually they'll do a scan with a 
handheld scanner and when it beeps at the pump I just take it out of the case 
and tell them it is an insulin pump.  So far they've always been very quick 
and helpful - and delays have been minimal.  The only exception was at Midway 
in Chicago, where all the handheld scanners were in use and the guard asked if 
I would allow them to "frisk" me to check for whatever else I was carrying.  
He looked at the pump, let me put it back in the case and then "frisked" me - 
it took about thirty to forty seconds...  

The pump is easier to get through airport security than my old MediJector ever 
was - it got confiscated by security at St. Louis once because they said it 
looked like a gun and I told them they couldn't disassemble it unless they were 
prepared to purchase me a new one when they broke it...  they made me miss my 
flight and then got mad at me when I filed a complaint with the airline and 
airport authority.  They gave it to the airline agent and told me that I 
couldn't have it back until the flight was over.  As soon as the airline agent 
and I were out of sight of the security people he handed it back to me - he had 
seen me taking a shot two days earlier just after I'd gotten off the plane and 
remembered me...  

Randall P. Winchester
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