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Re: [IP] Getting a MiniMed pump

On  8 Feb 99 at 8:21, Fran Baumgartner wrote:

> I really agree with what people have been saying about choice.  We are the
> ones that wear the pump day in and day out.  I personally would be very upset
> if I had to disconnect everyday to take a shower just because my doctor didn't
> know how to use a very simple piece of machinery.  Don't let your doctor
> dictate.  Go with what you want, you will be wearing it not him/her!.

Just a side question for all you people who shower with your pump... what do 
you clip it to while in the shower?  Just curious... I was shown some of the 
"shower allower" bags that some people use with the non QR sets and I don't 
have any idea what I'd do with the pump if I didn't disconnect it and lay it on 
the counter....

The key thing to remember is to get a pump that you are comfortable with, that 
your doctor is familiar with and that has good support in your area...  in some 
places that means one pump, in others it means the other pump...

Randall P. Winchester
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