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Re: [IP] Clocks

in and earlier e-mail Natalie wrote: "Just curious -- does that mean if you
use the second pump as a back-up,

say 2 weeks after you get them, that the clock is then ticking on BOTH

of them, and they'll both give out at the same time?

That was one of my reasons for choosing MiniMed -- it would be very

inconvenient to have a suddenly dead pump when, say, you're on an

extended trip all over Africa or something, and then find that the

back-up ALSO had very limited time on it! "

NO!!!  The internal clock in the disetronic pumps only runs when it has
batteries installed, so do not store the back up with batteries in it. And
about being in Africa and the pump breaks, if your one MiniMed breaks you're
proverbally "SCREWED", where as with the Disetronic you have a back up. This
was  great peace of mind for me when my wife and I went on a 7 day cruise
knowing I had a back-up pump in case something happened to the first.
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