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[IP] Clocks

John Neale wrote:
> Disetronic made
> the design decision that their pumps would have an in-built clock which
> would stop the pump working (with plenty of warning!) after a fixed
> number of years use. You would then send it back to the factory to be
> cleaned up and checked over, and have the clock reset. I believe
> different countries have a different length of time set on the clock.
> Obviously it's nice to have a second pump ready for when you have to
> send your first pump in for a check up.

Just curious -- does that mean if you use the second pump as a back-up,
say 2 weeks after you get them, that the clock is then ticking on BOTH
of them, and they'll both give out at the same time?

That was one of my reasons for choosing MiniMed -- it would be very
inconvenient to have a suddenly dead pump when, say, you're on an
extended trip all over Africa or something, and then find that the
back-up ALSO had very limited time on it! 

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