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Re: [IP] First Week of pumping

email @ redacted wrote:
>as of right now I only have one basal rate.

Hi, Heather,

I'm just curious why he has you on only one basal rate. I know that one
basal rate absolutely WON'T work for me, because I have a definite dawn
effect -- I rise in the early hours of the morning (I'm up between 5 and
6 AM), and then by 10 or 11 AM, I CRASH. One of the reasons I'm going on
a pump is because I don't like to have to snack midmorning.

If my doc tries to put me on only one basal, I'm gonna scream and yell
and throw fits! It seems to me that one important reason for getting a
pump is the ability to vary basals at whatever time interval you need,
rather than depending on a long-acting insulin that might not be right!

Good luck -- I hope this resolves soon! 

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