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Re: [IP] good day!!! *S*

thanks Linda... *S*... sitting here with a bowl of cocoa crispies and
coffee... 2 of the main food groups... no, don't have kids at home, wanted
this cereal myself... decieded a long time ago to let go of all the baggage
that this disease brings with it... things could be worse...

gotta go teach the kiddies this morning and haven't prepped for class
yet... all 157 sets of eyes are going to expect some form of entertainment
in 3 hours... think they're doing first contact with the french and
british, think this is the peach tree day masacare day... have to look...
know that most of them will show up because I promised them cookies
today... food is a huge motivator for undergrads too... hehehe!!!

take care... *S*


At 10:40 PM 2/8/99 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 2/8/99 7:50:53 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
><<  had
> the endo's appt this afternoon... in 2 months, hb1ac went from 8.9 without
> pump and with 4 weeks on pump, 5.9!!!!!!!!!!! no lows to report or highs
> which is amazing for me because I used to average at least 3 nasty sudden
> crashes a week because I'm so insulin sensitive...
> amazing little gadgets we've got here... *S*... needless to say endo was
> impressed... told him that his original opinion of me not needing to pump
> was rediculous... the proof is in the numbers... hehehe!!!!! love making
> endos eat a little crow... *S*
> still in shock here because I've eaten everything I've wanted to for the
> first time since diagnosis... remember the 5 main food groups are: coffee,
> diet coke, pizza, chinese food and chocolate... *S* >>
>Ellen, I think you have a great sense of humor.  Not only that, but you
>me something I either never knew before, or had forgotten:  there are "5 main
>food groups"!
>I love it.  
>Hope to be able to share good results after my next endo appt, which will be
>my first since starting on the pump, too!  
>Meanwhile, congrats!  Keep up the good work!  Here's some confetti for you,
>too!  ~`,:^/,*~`,:<\,*~
>Linda Winey  >^.,.^<
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>MDI 49 years
>Happy pumper since 1/13/99  :o) 
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