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Re: [IP] air bubbles

> 4.  Over pressurize the insulin vial, in other words if
>     you are going to withdraw 2 cc of Insulin be sure
>     that you have first injected the air into the vial,
>     so that the syringe will self fill.

CJ, Surely pressurising the insulin, with the pressurised air bubbling
through the solution, would actually dissolve more air into the
solution... then when it returns to nearer air pressure in the pump
cartridge the air comes back out of solution... result: bubbles :(

I'm also curious to know how people force 3ml of air into a brand new
full insulin bottle that has perhaps only 0.5ml of free space. That
would certainly force air into solution.

I prefer to keep the whole system at a balanced pressure by inserting a
second open needle into the bottle as I draw the insulin out. The air is
then drawn into the bottle at the same time as I draw the insulin into
the cartridge. Combine that with room-temperature insulin, and I get no

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