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[IP] re: exercise problem

>Dear Mamolin:
>All the subsequent highs derive from that 50.  That high, from my
>experience, comes from the pre-exercise basal which becomes super-efficient
>once you get that heart rate up.  Try disconnecting completely 1 hour before
>exercise, during exercise and 2 hours after.  This may be too much but keep
>testing at 1/2 hour intervals after exercise  to see when you begin to rise
>again after exersise.  Then, at that point reconnect your basal.  If you are
>high immediately after exercise, then start working on increasing your temp
>basal during exercise gradually.  The key is to start at 0 and gradually
>work your way up.
>Exercising after the breakfast carbs and basal have worked themselves out of
>your system is a good idea also.  Also, try a glass of milk before workout
>if BG is less that 150.
>Good luck
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