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[IP] Minimed 507C

It's 1:00 am and I'm not very happy with my daughter's minimed pump!  She
got a low battery alarm and when I went to change the batteries, the back
was off the battery case.  All that was holding the batteries in was a tiny
piece of metal.  The technician tells me that I will have a replacement
case tomorrow and in the mean time, it's being held in with electricians
tape!!!  I told the tech that I wasn't impressed with the battery case
breaking without cause...can't figure out what's happened. Kim always
carries her pump in a clip-in from Unique.  I was told that the case is
made out of the same material as the pump!  YIPPEE!!!  Scares me to death! 
What's going to break next?  With more children going on pumps, I certainly
hope that MM will look at the integrity of the $5000 piece of equipment we
depend on! This pump is only 6 months old!  We had a lead screw break 6 wks
after she got the pump.  I'm afraid that the only thing that will be hold
this poor pump together in 5 years when the warranty is out will be duct
tape and chewing gum!!!  Just had to vent.

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