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Re: [IP] why log

At 10:32 PM 2/8/1999 PST, you wrote:
>Sam & All,
>I've been using a log book (7 1/2 X 3 1/2).  I got them from Home Medical
Supply, pre-MM buyout.  They hold a monthe worth of readings.  The chart is
divided by hours and catagories.  Catagories being Bg, CHO, Bolus, Basal
Rate, Exercise, Ketones, Set Change.  I really like the size as it fits
perfectly into my 'diabetic wallet'  (Atwater-Carey product).  I don't know
if they are still available through Home Medical, you may want to give them
a call; 800-726-3059.  Good hunting.~Frank

I have not logged in so long my Complete (accu-chek) holds all my BG and
has a pump profile feature on it..

(not to sure what it is i am still working on getting the time to look it
over... )

Brian Carter
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email @ redacted
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