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Re: [IP] why log

Hey Sam,

I used to feel exactly the same way.  I now use My Other Checkbook
<http://www.diabetesnet.com/mocb1.html> that I bought from Diabetes Mall.
Pay for a log? Well, yes, it is worth it to me because I use it and it is
great.  I found it useful for rate testing and getting a good sense of
where I was and why I was there. Size of a chequebook (that is Canadian for
checkbook ;'), but packs in lots of info.

Check out the website.  I think it is a very useful tool.


Sam wrote:
>Well, to be really honest, one of the real reasons why I stopped was that I
>never could find a satisfactory log book for the pump. I used to have one
>of the little booklets that I got free from LifeScan. It was the perfect
>size and fit right in the case with my meter. All of the logs for pumping
>that I've seen are huge. It makes it very awkward to use and carry around.
>If I could find a logbook for pumping that was a similar size to my old
>standard BG log, I may go back to logging again.

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