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[IP] High bgs in car

I also tend to run higher on long drives, but I don't attribute this to
inactivity so much as to the amount of stress I feel in traffic, not to
mention the junk foood I find necessary to keep me going...oh look taco
bell!!!  and wow there is a popeyes...one biscuit wont hurt...mmmmm must have
oil and vinegar chips, ugh - i feel sick....I need a diet coke to cleanse my

I test a lot on long drives (wel i used to...i dont drive now that I live in
NYC), and am very good about doing it a varying speeds without even swerving
out of my lane!!!   I have sometimes set a temp basal cuz I plan on grazing on
this back of chips for the next 100 miles of so...dont they say you can't eat
just one, and with the pump you dont have to!!!

Sara~~~~~~~~[507]   lIVE and INTACT in Chicago!!!  yah hooooo!
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