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[IP] Pro-Choice

This problem with drs. NOT letting the patient make the choice is annoying to
me.  I know a lot of people who love their pumps whether they are M or D so I
think both pumps are good.  My endo gave me both videos and told me to choose.
I chose the D and have been happy with my choice.  This same endo now only
puts people on M because M has agreed to give him first access to the glucose
sensor.  His patients no longer have a choice.  This irritates me.  He also
wanted me to change to M so that I would be one of the first to get a sensor.
I told him I love the D pump and I didn't even know if I wanted a sensor or
not.  I'm not sure the sensor is going to be that beneficial to us for a few
years.  Anyway, I did feel pressure to change and of course I resisted.  Many
people however do what their dr. says so I believe many drs. are not being
fair to their patients.  I'm for choice.  ellen  
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