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[IP] mean people suck

Sensitive Owen wrote: 

> It really sounds like feb 2 was a "pity party" day for many folks posting.
> ...We all need to work hard at getting and staying positive...If and when 
> you want to end it self-drowning appears to be the least traumatic...
> If you decide against it, have yourself a one day 
> "pity party" and then get a life.

A least if you drowned yourself and you had a Disetronic, your family might at
least be able to get some money back on their "wasted" investment in you.
Thanks for sharing your "vital" and "useful" research     8-P

As Janine expressed..."[i have been] taught to not disregard people's
feelings, even if I don't specifically share them.  How hard is a bit of
compassion?  Too 
hard for some people, obviously."   YEAH what she said!!!

ya know, nothing personal, but people like Owen, and several doctors with
similar attitudes,  make me want to go to the post office and shoot at moving

Welcome to all the new people.  Please don't take this one man's postings as
what normally goes on here.  we all have senses of humor and we ALL understand
when another person has a down day, or a "bad" day....and while humor can be a
way to deal with it, insensitivity is just mean...and mean people suck

Sara, who is officially caught up with the digest and just a reminder - please
do NOT REPSOND TO ENTIRE POSTS...just a line or two is all we need.  And there
are several old-timers on this list who are still doing this...don't make me
come and get you!!

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