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Re: [IP] air bubbles

email @ redacted wrote:
> When I set up my pump for a new site I always make sure the air bubbles are
> out.  However I keep having this thing happen after the next day or so where
> there are suddenly air bubbles in the resivior and then in the tubing.  Help!!
> What am I doing wrong?  This is of course affecting my blood sugar levels.
> Thanks for your input!

Ah yes, the mysterious appearing air bubble problem returns. <Grin>

Thing is that insulin that is stored cold in your refrigerator (which I truast
what is happening) holds air in the solution until it warms up later in the
It isn't hart to correct, just warm up the insulin bottle with your hands or
some warm water y holding it under a running tap. Then load your syring or
and return the bottle to the fridge for storing as it should be done, in the
cold for 
longer life.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

PS, this is a VERY common question around here, hope you didn't mind the grin I
started with.....
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