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RE: [IP] air bubbles

Regardless of the pump type the following should be used when filling a
syringe for pump usage.

1.  Be sure the Insulin is at room temperature.
    The bottle of insulin that you are using can be left
    out and not refrigerated.

2.  Do not shake Insulin bottle as this aerates the

3.  If you do not wish to keep your in use insulin, DO
    NOT store Insulin on the refrigerator door, place
    it in a drawer or on a shelf.  By keeping it on the
    door, the insulin vials get shaken and the insulin
    then gets aerated.

4.  Over pressurize the insulin vial, in other words if
    you are going to withdraw 2 cc of Insulin be sure
    that you have first injected the air into the vial,
    so that the syringe will self fill.

These are just some suggestions, if you want the rationales I will be more
than happy to provide them as well.


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> When I set up my pump for a new site I always make sure the air
> bubbles are
> out.  However I keep having this thing happen after the next day
> or so where
> there are suddenly air bubbles in the resivior and then in the
> tubing.  Help!!
> What am I doing wrong?  This is of course affecting my blood sugar levels.
> Thanks for your input!
> Linda
> IDDM 21 yrs - pumping 2 months
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