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Re: [IP] Exercise problem

Your question regarding Bg fluctuations both during and following exercise are
very common. The most unusual variances in your Bg can occur with exercise.
The good news for you is that you are aware of your Bg's and willing to learn
about what happens to them during this most important aspect of your regimen,

The first thing I noted in your information was a 10 to 1 CHO to INS. ratio.
What type of CHO is important and what CHO did you have during your exercise
(Gatorade.Perform.Powerbar.etc..). You need to supplement slightly before and
during exercise. You did not reduce your basil rate enough and you could have
reduced it 30 min prior to exercising. You wisely stopped exercise with a Bg
reading of 50, and treated it, but you opened the door for a rebound high by
keeping the basil rate lower. Then when you resumed exercise, you began
lifting weights, which is not aerobic, and can often raise your Bg initially.

To answer your question, experiment with supplementing your CHO especially
during exercise. Drink or eat small amounts every ten minutes and continue to
check frequently. Design a way to test yourself on your treadmill while you
exercise; it can be done. At the very least, this approach would have helped
you maintain the pre exercise Bg of 157. Stay away from severe high's and
low's. Be very wary of any meal bolus given hours earlier, as the peak of this
bolus may be finished but the presence of this bolus could be still active,
especially during exercise, for hours. I think the most important factor in
maintaining a prolonged exercise session,(aerobic) is to suppliment. As you
become better conditioned, you CHO requirments during exercise will become
less and it will be more predictable to gauge.

Good Luck,

Bill King
In a message dated 2/7/99 4:58:32 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted

<< I'd like to run this by experienced pumpers and maybe somebody will spot
 something I'm doing that can be corrected. Today, 2/7/99, at 8:45 woke with a
 157 bg.  Bolused 3.7 for breakfast which had 37 CHO.  Started exercise at
 with 195 bg.  Set a temp bolus of .04 (normally .06) for 1 1/2 hours.  After
 30 min. on treadmill set at 2.4, I was down to 50 bg.  Had 4 oz. of juice and
 a graham cracker bar, 18 CHO.  20 min. later, was 112 bg, resumed exercise
 with just weights for 1/2 hour.  Tested at 191!!!  Tested again at 20 min
 later and went to 218.  Bolused 2.3 for high bg and a few min. later had a
 small lunch and Bolused 1.4 for about 15 CHO.  At 4pm tested 119 bg.  Lots of
 test lots of #'s I don't understand.  The 50 after aerobic threw me.  What
 I do to exercise one whole hour w/o a low followed by highs?  I love this
 as I get all kinds of info that I relate to.  Thanks for any help at all.  Am
 working with an educator that will call me next Tues. am.  Just thought I
 would check with my fellow pumpers. >>
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