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Re: [IP] Cost before insurance

Well technically those are the official prices, but if you buy it or part
of it with your own money, Minimed will give a 10% discount ( to $4500).
And you better believe they are still making a profit.  Just one of those
shady things drug and medical companies do to maximize money from 3rd party

>From: Kasey Sikes <email @ redacted>

> The Disetronic pump is approximately $ 500 less than the MiniMed Pump.
> I believe the Disetronic Pump costs around $ 4,800.

Retail for the MM507C is $4995.


> I'm curious as to what the cost is for each of the pumps before
> any insurance
> coverage. Are the Disetronic and MiniMed pumps about the same price?
> Matt Braun
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